Why Choose a Double Sided Lightbox?

Why Choose a Double Sided Lightbox?

Lightboxes are a great way to highlight your company’s advertising in the most visible and effective manner. They’re also easy to set up and can be transported compactly.

Mark the spots where you’d like to mount your lightbox on the wall using paper tape or a ruler. Screws and dowels are included to help with this process.

Exceptional Visibility

With a single or double-sided illuminated display, businesses can showcase graphics and messages to both inside and outside passersby. This ensures that a business’s message will not go unnoticed, whether it is located in the heart of downtown or at the end of a remote street.

Lightboxes are brighter than traditional posters, which helps them attract the attention of consumers. They also use LED lights, which consume significantly less power and last longer than fluorescent bulbs. Therefore, a lightbox is cost-effective to operate over time.

Additionally, double-sided lightboxes are highly versatile and customizable. They can be positioned as indoor or outdoor displays, or mounted on walls, pylons, or windows. Businesses can even incorporate digital technology to showcase social media feeds and animated content to attract potential customers.

Fabric SEG light boxes are durable and long-lasting, which makes them an affordable advertising solution. They are manufactured with sturdy frames and premium-grade translucent fabrics that diffuse light evenly for optimal clarity. Some models are programmable by computer, allowing businesses to update content as needed. Additionally, some are Wi-Fi ready and allow operators to connect to a business’s existing signage system. This allows the sign to communicate with passersby in real-time, highlighting products or promotions that may be of interest. This is ideal for brands that want to capture consumer attention while promoting their brand image.


Unlike single-sided light boxes, double sided lightboxes are capable of capturing the attention of passerby’s from both sides. As a result, they are an effective marketing tool in crowded areas, where there is a high likelihood of multiple people passing by at the same time.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, double sided lightboxes are a cost-effective advertising solution. Using LED technology, they consume less energy than traditional fluorescent lights, saving businesses money on energy bills and reducing maintenance costs.

Lightboxes are also useful for illustrating patterns double sided lightbox and subjects. Animators and illustrators use them to trace an underlying subject or pattern before applying it to different drawings. This allows them to accurately repeat the same subject across several different scenes, resulting in consistent and accurate results.

A popular modular lightbox display that combines versatility and portability is the SEGO. This lightweight backlit stand has a sleek profile that looks frame-less from the front and is illuminated by LED edge lights that are easily installed with no tools required. Graphics are inserted into the frames recessed grooves by simply pushing in their silicone edges. These are available in various sizes for maximum customization to suit a business’s branding needs. The frame also features magnetic electrical connectors, which keep wires hidden and safe from view. This makes the SEGO an ideal choice for trade show evemts and other events.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Lightboxes offer a cost-effective advertising solution to help businesses achieve higher sales revenue. The displays and signs work all day and night and capture attention from both sides, allowing business owners to promote their products or services and generate more leads and customers.

The LED technology used in lightbox signs also double sided lightbox helps companies save on energy costs compared to traditional signage options. The lights also have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. These cost-saving features make lightboxes an excellent investment for any business.

Unlike other types of illuminated signage, double-sided lightboxes allow businesses to showcase different graphics and messages on each side. This feature makes them an ideal choice for shopping malls, where passersby come from all directions. They can also be positioned outside a shop or office, where they can capture the attention of potential customers from a larger area.

Unlike neon signs, double-sided lightboxes use durable frames and premium-grade translucent fabric material to provide long-term use. They also have an integrated power transformer to eliminate the need for external lighting fixtures. The LEDs are surrounded by a diffusion pattern to ensure even illumination without hot or cold spots. They are available in sizes ranging from 24” to 60”, ensuring that you can find the right display for your business. For even more versatility, choose a flex face lightbox sign that can be produced in larger sizes with no unseemly joins.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Double sided lightboxes are a great way to increase brand visibility in a setting where multiple angles are visible. These displays can capture attention from multiple directions, helping to draw in a larger customer base and trigger a notable rise in sales. Additionally, they can be customised to showcase different products and graphics on each side of the display, making them an ideal choice for businesses that offer diverse offerings or participate in a variety of events.

These versatile lightbox displays are programmable by computer, which means that they can be updated with new content at any time. This feature is especially useful for businesses that want to attract customers through the use of social media feeds or other live updates.

In addition to their versatility, these lightboxes are also lightweight and easy to assemble. The SEGO model, for example, features a sleek aluminum frame that is easily split into sections for simple assembly. Edge-to-edge SEG backlit fabric graphics are then inserted into the frames channel for a seamless, professional finish. The lightbox comes with a wheeled carry case and durable black expanded polystyrene liners to keep it safe during transit.

If you’re ready to start leveraging the power of a double-sided lightbox, contact us today. We can help you design a custom lightbox that will make your business stand out from the competition.