Magnetic Light Box

Magnetic Light Box

Magnetic light boxes capitalize on the current of the Universe to produce energy. This energy is used to initiate nuclear reactions that create light. These nuclear reactions are safe, similar to the way stars function and do not cause radioactive heat as we know it.

Talk with your health care provider about the type of light box that may be best for you. It is important to follow their advice regarding timing and intensity of use.

Frameless Snap Poster Light Box

If you’re looking for an affordable way to display your movie posters in a bright and attractive light box, you should consider this lighted poster frame. It has a slim profile design with LED lighting that provides 5000K daylight color temperature for an excellent image reproduction. It also uses 75% less energy than fluorescent lamps and lasts 10 times longer. Plus, it comes with a 13A plug incorporating a neat mains transformer, making it easy to connect.

These lighted poster frames have front loading capabilities that make it easy to change backlit graphics without having to remove the frame from its wall mounting position. Simply open the snap frame edges, add a new graphic and then snap the poster frame closed. To protect the graphic, the lightbox has an anti-glare PETG overlay.

Another great feature of these lighted movie posters is their low profile depth, which makes them ideal for most indoor applications. They’re also available in a variety of standard sizes to accommodate your needs. In addition, you can choose from 9 popular frame colors and 3 faux wood finishes.

These lighted posters are UL-Listed and CSA/ANSI-rated, so they can be used in commercial environments. They’re also available with a dimmer switch to adjust Magnetic Light Box the brightness of the lights. This makes it easier to create a cozy ambiance in your movie theater.

Indoor Poster Frame Signage

Poster frames with front loading profiles are a popular sign frame design for visual signage display applications. They are used in a wide variety of commercial, organizational and institutional presentations, including those by military and government agencies.

These metal poster frames come in a variety of sizes and are available in a range of finishes. Many have anti-glare covers that reduce reflection and glare on the posters and other printed materials that they protect from smudges and dust. They can be wall mounted or free-standing on a stand or easel.

One of the more interesting types of light boxes is this magnetized lighted poster display that features an etched matrix acrylic grid that evenly and brightly lights up your artwork, photography or poster. This LED light box is low in maintenance and energy running costs and mounts easily to walls, even with a thin profile that’s less than one inch deep.

This magnetic light box also doubles as a great drawing aid. Its light can help tracing and highlighting, so you can draw over a reference image without losing the outlines of your work. It can be used by artists for a wide range of creative projects, from tracing and sketching to serigraphy and embroidery. It is also a useful tool for airbrush painting, as it helps minimize shadows cast by your hands and the paint you spray.

Illuminated Frameless Snap Poster Magnetic Ultra-Thin Light Box Sign Board

Illuminated poster light boxes Magnetic Light Box are a smart and eye-catching way to display posters, transparencies, images and graphics in retail displays, exhibitions, museums, art galleries, libraries, theatre foyers, bars, restaurants and reception areas. Back-lit in a slim aluminium frame they really do glow.

Unlike the chunky illuminated display cabinets of the past which used fluorescent tubes they use energy saving LED lighting which produces an eye-pleasing brightness, has a much longer service life and significantly lower electricity consumption. These newer light box designs are typically much slimmer too enabling them to fit in tight spaces.

Light box suppliers also offer a range of options for the size and mounting style of these illuminated displays. Wall mounted lightboxes are the most popular and offer a neat solution to displaying back-lit posters and signage. Floor-standing totem lightboxes are a more elegant design that can be positioned in high traffic areas but they need a stable base so people don’t trip over them.

There are also a range of different frame profile widths and wood and metal finish options for these decorative lightboxes to suit all decors. Many have a patented swing-open front frame door that makes it easy to change the rear-lit posters or other graphics. This is a great feature for frequently changing promotions or notices. For added security there is the option of a hidden sliding gravity lock that can be fitted to these models.

Aluminum Menu Light Box

UL-listed and ADA-compliant, illuminated poster light boxes are an attractive, cost-effective custom solution for a variety of indoor applications. These smart LED lightboxes use edge-lit strip lighting for an eye-pleasing brightness and uniform illumination to capture attention and bring your graphic message to life. They require little maintenance and can be mounted as a wall mounted or freestanding display.

The third of our list focuses on a smaller scale light box designed to be portable and easy to use. Unlike our first pick that relies on battery power, this model is AC powered and can be plugged into the wall for constant illumination. It also offers a dimming function to avoid eye strain during long drawing sessions. This is a great option for artists who want the convenience of taking their light box with them to coffee shops or doing a bit of light tracing on the couch.

This smart light box also comes with an overlay grid and circle template/protractor to make it easier to trace images or create precise measurements. While it may not be the best choice for aspiring professional artists, it will work well for casual use and features a one-year unconditional full replacement warranty. The lightweight anodized aluminum frame and Plexiglas surface are both sturdy and easy to handle. Its low price point and small size will appeal to many casual users and will be a good fit for many environments.