What is a Magnetic Light Box?

What is a Magnetic Light Box?

Unlike tracing paper, which can smudge and ruin the image you’re transferring to your work, light boxes offer an accurate, precise transfer. They also save time and effort.

Display your posters, signage, or photography in an illuminated 22 x 28 magnetized framed LED light box. The front poster frame lifts off easily for graphics changes.


The Magnetic Light Box is a small device that uses magnetic energy to manifest light. It is designed to work in indoor temperatures up to a maximum of 35C and is operated using two AA batteries or a micro USB cable port. It comes with 85 letters, numbers and symbols that can be assembled to create a message or phrase of your choice.

It can be used in the classroom to teach a variety of lessons such as tracing, identifying shapes, naming objects, etc. It can also be used to encourage gaze shift and recognition in students with vision loss. The light is bright enough to allow the student to use a capability switch attached to an adapted plush toy, or to point at the switch.

This slimline LED poster display light box has a frameless front sheet with a powerful magnetic closing system. This makes graphic changes quick and easy and it has a very attractive, sleek finish perfect for all kinds of indoor retail, exhibition and hospitality applications. This illuminated poster case has a depth of only 13mm single sided and 20mm double-sided and can be hung from the top edge with a cable hanging kit (included). The aluminium profile comes in a stylish silver or black finish and the front sheet is made from clear polycarbonate with 30mm wide black border.


A Magnetic Light Box is a great way to support merchandising efforts in retail and hospitality environments. It uses LED illumination which lasts for 60,000 hours and consumes less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting. This helps lower operating costs while delivering brilliantly bright, white LED illumination.

The lightweight magnetic frame is also easy to install and remove for frequent poster changes. Magnetic Light Box It mounts directly to the wall using screw holes on the back of the frame. The 18 x 24 illuminating display frame can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is only 13mm deep single sided and 20mm deep double sided with a 30mm black framed border on the front sheet of polycarbonate antiglare.

Use this battery-powered mini lightbox to decorate any metallic surface with a glowing message. Attach it to the fridge with a reminder to pick up the groceries, or let it stand on your bookshelf as a cosy evening light. It’s a fun and creative way to add some personal flair to your home.

Light Source

Light boxes are used for a variety of purposes. They are ideal for merchandising and displaying posters, signs, and photography in retail stores, corporate facilities, hotels, movie theaters, and many other locations. They use LED illumination to brightly display your poster without shadowing or glare. They also consume less energy than traditional fluorescent light boxes, saving you money on energy bills.

The light box features a durable black frame and comes with an acrylic lens that lifts off easily for poster changes. It also includes poster clips that snap into place to hold your posters in place. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around and mount it in any space. The LED light box is also quiet and flicker-free, making it ideal for tracing images, stenciling, scrapbooking, tattoo transfering, and sketching.

This magnetic light box features a high-quality, energy-efficient LED light that emits a neutral white color. The white LEDs illuminate your poster with a consistent, beautiful glow. The etched matrix acrylic grid provides an even distribution of light across the surface. The light box’s angled front panel is available in a choice of sizes, including A3, A2, and A1. It can be mounted either portrait or landscape. The polycarbonate front cover has a 30mm wide black border to hide the mounting tape and add a sleek finish to your display.


The magnetic light box is an excellent tool for scientific investigation. The unit shows that air is a conduit for magnetic energy and that different gases produce different results. This is because the magnetic fields around these gases can break or alter molecular bonds. The unit is easy to use and can be used anywhere. The device comes with a USB cable and can be powered from any computer, power bank, or USB plug. Its small size makes it perfect for carrying to meetings or classes.

A typical LED magnetic light box has a slimline case of only 13mm deep and is available in either single or double-sided formats. Its acrylic front sheet has a black framed border and Magnetic Light Box is easily replaced. It is popular in many applications including commercial, organizational and institutional presentations.

This product is designed to be durable and has a long life span. It can also be customized to meet the unique requirements of each customer. It is a great choice for any application that requires an illuminated display frame.

The magnetic light boxes are made from high-quality materials and come with a variety of mounting options. You can mount them on a wall, hang them on the ceiling, or mount them in the window of your store. In addition to this, they can be used as a backlight for signs and graphics.