Vlisco Fabrics – Dutch Wax Hollandais and Super Wax Hollandais

Vlisco Fabrics – Dutch Wax Hollandais and Super Wax Hollandais

super wax hollandais

Vlisco Fabrics – Dutch Wax Hollandais and Super Wax Hollandais

The Dutch textile producer Vlisco manufactures a wide range of wax fabrics, all based on Indonesian batik dyeing. Their famous Dutch Wax Hollandais and Super-Wax prints are made with an extra densely woven, fine cotton fabric.

The recognizable design signature of Super-Wax is a two-coloured crackling effect that is unique to this type of print. A third colour may be added, but without this crackling effect.

Vlisco Hollandais

Super wax hollandais is made of extra densely woven, fine cotton fabric. It has a recognizable design signature with two blocking colours and a natural crackling effect. A third colour may be added but without this crackling effect and the print is always mirrored on both sides of the fabric (cotton cloth). The appealing pattern and unique colour combinations ensure that everyone can express their personality through their clothing.

The fabric has a very soft, pleasant to the touch feel that is extremely durable. It is crafted from top grade 100% cotton yarn, spun at a high density and then tightly woven for a resilient fabric that feels great against your skin.

This special textured fabric is perfect for adding extra dimension and texture to any piece of clothing that you wish to create. It can also be used to make a variety of home decorations and quilting projects.

Wax Hollandais is a classic Vlisco style print that is designed using the traditional wax printing technique based on Indonesian batik dyeing. The wax is super wax hollandais applied as a resist and the fabric is dipped in one dye color before it is immersed into a second color. This is repeated until all of the colors are merged and the printed design has been completed.

These beautiful prints are available in a wide range of patterns and shades including yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple and orange. This makes them ideal for creating all sorts of garments such as dresses, skirts and shirts.

They are produced in short runs, which means that every design is a one-of-a-kind product that will be exclusive to you and will not be reproduced anywhere else! This is why our fabrics are so popular!

We have also recently launched a new collection of Grand Super-Wax prints which are designed for more extravagant and couture creations. The fabrics are made from 100% premium cotton threads bound into a light satin weave with a lustrous finish. They are a refined version of the classic wax print that offers duo-coloured bubbling and will add a touch of glamour to your outfits!

Vlisco Super Wax

Super Wax Hollandais is a cotton fabric that has been printed using a special technique developed by Vlisco. It uses the same wax-resist printing process as the other Wax Hollandais fabrics but with a unique twist: it features duo-colouring and a bubbling effect on the print.

This specialized printing technique takes an average of 27 steps and features striking multicoloured designs that are deceptively modern. In addition, it’s long-lasting and resistant to fading. This makes it perfect for bags and other items that need to hold their shape for long periods of time.

The Dutch company Vlisco is the main producer of this style of cloth, which has become popular throughout Africa and has been a major part of west African culture for centuries. These textiles are highly valued and command high prices compared to their import counterparts. They also carry a certain level of prestige in African culture, which is why many people seek out Super Wax prints for their personal clothing.

In addition, they can also be used for a variety of other applications, including upholstery and bed linens. The fabrics are also very strong and can be machine-washed.

Vlisco fabrics are manufactured by the Vlisco Group, which has eight sales offices across Africa and is based in Helmond, The Netherlands. This company has a total of around 2,700 employees in Africa and Europe.

It produces a number of different styles of fabric, but its wax print style is especially famous in African countries, where it’s been an important part of traditional fashion for generations. These fabrics are often made from 100% premium-quality cotton, and feature bold and bright colours that look very sophisticated and modern.

These fabrics are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as being available in different thicknesses, and have been used for everything from clothing to blankets. They’re known for their vibrant and striking colours, making them a must-have in any collection.

They are also incredibly super wax hollandais durable, as they’re designed to resist fading and wrinkles. They’re made with extra-dense, fine cotton, and are slightly higher than a Waxblock.

Vlisco Satin

Vlisco Satin is one of our favorite fabrics from Dutch fabric house Vlisco. In a new satin weave, the fabric is soft to the touch with a lustrous finish. With a weight of around 120 gr/m2, it is ideal for light styles that drape elegantly.

This premium cotton fabric is a great way to add a luxe feel to any garment, with a smooth finish to the face side for a light-reflecting lustre and silky texture. It’s also a good choice for draping, as its crisp finish accentuates folds and pleats for effortless movement.

The most impressive feature of this opulent material is the printing technology involved, which combines the duo-colour “bubbling” print effect with a gloss finish to create a truly impressive looking piece. The design is first printed in liquid wax on cotton satin, before base dyes like indigo soak into the cloth, leaving behind a deep, intense colour.

A more exclusive version of the Super-Wax, this refined luxury edition uses a more advanced wax printing technique to create an extraordinary looking piece. This is not your standard wax print: the design is a digital image embedded inside the fabric, which is then printed using an extremely high-resolution wax machine to produce a truly magnificent result.

A more streamlined version of the original, this is the same quality but made from softer cotton than the classic Super-Wax and is even better looking on the eye. Available in 2 lavish new designs, this material is perfect for more extravagant and couture creations.

Vlisco Poplin

Vlisco Poplin is a light-weight fabric, perfect for men’s shirts, loose-fitting tops and skirts. It is made from 100% premium quality cotton, so it is soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

It is woven from fine cotton yarns, and densely knitted to give it a strong weave and a lightweight feel. It is also breathable, so it’s great for warm weather clothing.

Wax hollandais is one of the most popular fabrics produced by Vlisco, and has a special wax printing technique that makes it unique. The design is printed in liquid wax, and a base dye soaks into the cloth around the wax. This causes a crackling and bubbling effect to appear, giving the fabric a lively look that reflects Vlisco’s enticing patterns and unique colour combinations.

The term ‘Super Wax Hollandais’ refers to the special double-coloured wax prints that make up these coveted fabrics. In addition to the main colours, a third colour is added to make the design more vibrant and really colourful.

Many of these designs have become a part of the culture heritage of the West-African people, and are still loved by them today. These designs include village Molokai, onion and the ring or bague design, all of which are classics.

In the 1970s, Dutch Vlisco Holland launched their Super Wax line, combining their wax printing technique with a duo-coloured effect that makes the print even more striking. As a result, many Super Wax designs have become recognizable and can be found all over the world.

These prints are available in a range of sizes and styles, so it’s easy to find a wax block that matches your personal style. These fabrics are also ideal for special occasions, with bold and eye-catching prints adorning everything from men’s shirts to dresses.

Another wax print fabric from Vlisco is Skywax, which is a dark overdyed fabric that has been embellished with gold blocking to add an extra luxurious look. These Limited Editions are perfect for dresses and skirts with maximum draping.

As well as the three main categories mentioned above, Vlisco has a wide variety of other wax print fabrics. These include WaxWax, Skywax, Bubble Wax, Grand Superwax, Glitter Glam and Cotton Satin. These fabrics are all crafted with the same extraordinary level of care that defines all of Vlisco’s other wax prints, but they each have something additional to offer. These Limited Editions have a shimmering design printed on top in liquid glitter ink, making the prints truly stand out.