Top 5 AR and VR Development Companies

Top 5 AR and VR Development Companies

AR is the latest technology that can transform how businesses operate. Companies that utilize AR can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.

For example, logistics giant DHL uses AR to guide workers during the picking process. This approach saves time and reduces errors.

FundamentalVR provides virtual and augmented reality training and simulations for the medical and communications industries. They also develop haptic simulators.


CitrusBits is an impactful mobile app development company that has helped companies like Burger King, Quiksilver, and Symantec turn their mobile aspirations into juicy ROI. They leverage contemporary technologies including iOS, Android, augmented reality/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to help businesses disrupt their industries and reach their loftiest goals.

They helped a technology center and materials resource company create an AR experience for their guests, allowing them to tour the labs without the need to disclose confidential information. They were transparent with project timelines and expectations and stayed flexible through the process, adjusting to their client’s needs.

Live Animations

Creating an animated video requires much more planning than a live action video. You need to decide on the story you want to tell and what message you want to convey. Then you need to ar development company find a suitable animation software to create the animated video.

This company designs and develops augmented reality (AR) applications and experiences. Its clients include Burger King, Symantec, Sotheby’s, and Leefco.

The company has a portfolio of AR apps and virtual reality (VR) applications for mobile, web, and console platforms. It also offers a range of custom software development services for businesses and individuals.


Saritasa is a full-service technology development company that specializes in AR/VR and IoT. The firm has developed 1769 successful projects for clients ranging from startups to huge corporations. Its products include mobile and web applications, software systems, business workflow solutions, 3D/AR & VR and more.

Saritasa worked with a power systems company to create an immersive VR experience that showcased a transfer switch. This allowed the client to impress prospective customers and demonstrate their technical expertise. The Saritasa team was incredibly responsive and communicative throughout the project. They also delivered the project on time and within budget.


ServReality is a Ukraine-based virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, and artificial intelligence software development company. They offer outstaffing services and have completed more than 100 AI projects.

They are experienced with a variety of AR and VR platforms and have developed mobile games for a number of clients. Their team consists of dedicated AR and VR specialists who understand the XR industry and can deliver solutions that meet client expectations.

They specialize in augmented reality for consumer electronics brands and sports. They also develop industrial AR applications for equipment maintenance, quality control, and warehouse operations.


Program-Ace offers virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality products and services. The company also provides 2D and 3D art, design, and animation. They use the latest software to deliver quality results. Their team is flexible, communicative, and highly skilled. They work with the client through Slack, Jira, and Zoom.

ACE is an innovative, international innovation-oriented technology company with more than 30 years of experience. They have completed over 800 projects in various fields and industries. They have a broad portfolio of clients, including Wargaming, Digimation, and Sany Group.

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Takeaway Reality

The company designs, develops, and maintains augmented reality solutions for a variety of industries. Their products include mobile AR applications, immersive VR solutions, and ML-based image recognition and object detection algorithms. They also provide peripheral services like mobile/web enablement and data analytics.

Takeaway Reality specializes in developing unique AR apps for businesses and individuals. Their team of experts can work with your existing app or design a new one from scratch. Their custom AR solutions are designed to put the customer first and drive sales and engagement.

4Experience is an augmented reality development company that was founded in 2015. Their team of 35 people provides marker-based and location-based AR experiences for marketing, education, e-commerce, travel, tourism, and manufacturing.


Treeview is a boutique AR/VR shop that provides development services for startups. Their team of experts offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of your company. They can help you develop an augmented reality app that will enhance your brand and increase customer engagement.

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Treeview has also improved its search functionality, allowing users to filter searches by name and date. This means that they can find the person they are looking for faster.


TSUKAT has delivered professional outputs that have resulted in satisfied global customers. They’ve been consistent in delivering quality work on time and within budget. They’re also responsive and provide relevant responses to questions. They communicate effectively through virtual meetings and email updates.

TSUKAT has completed an AR development project for a movie theater subscription platform. They’ve worked with the client ar development company to create a wireframe and proof of concept. They’ve been flexible in iterating on the prototype and adjusting their scope as needed. They have consistently delivered quality results and have stayed within their initial estimated budget.


NEXT/NOW offers AR apps and experiences for different industries, including marketing, retail, and travel and tourism. Its products include marker-based and markerless AR, 3D models, and geolocation features. It also provides a solution for creating AR experiences using machine learning and image recognition.

The company has been in business for 11 years and is a leader in interactive advertising. Its technology allows users to interact with brands in a more realistic environment, making it an effective tool for marketing and education.

The company also creates “reactive floors,” which can react to a user’s steps and display visualizations or simple games.