Soap Wrapping Machine

Soap Wrapping Machine

Soap can be packed in a variety of ways. For a rustic look try using twine or ribbon to wrap your soaps. Or for a more polished finish use wrap around labels.

The machine has an open wrapping area which makes it possible to accept also oval shapes. The movements based on an indexed chain are free of vibrations which usually reduce the wrapping quality with heat-sealable paper.


A Soap Packaging Machine can be automatic or manual, based on the requirements of your product. Using a soap packaging machine will allow you to increase production and improve the appearance of your soap. This will make it more attractive to consumers and may increase sales. In addition, a soap wrapping machine will help reduce the amount of waste produced by your business.

Flow Packs

Flow pack machines are the easiest to use soap wrapping machine and can be used for any type of soap. The machine works by feeding the soap in the wrapping area through a conveyor belt. Then the soap is sealed with a layer of polypropylene which can be transparent or printed. The machines are designed to work with heat-sealable paper or with pre-cut BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene).

Soap Packaging Machine with Rotary Carousel

The rotary soap carousel is the ideal solution for washing powders, detergent bars, soaps, cosmetics and sanitary products. It can be used for packing in a single pouch and is easy to operate, fast and very reliable. It can also be linked directly to bar cutters and wrappers and is suitable for hard or soft soap. The position of each soap bar is known throughout the process thanks to a soap wrapping machine sophisticated system and an electrical axis. This ensures that the incoming soap bars are properly timed for the wrapper.

PLC control system

A soap wrapping machine with a PLC can be operated by a single operator, as the controls are very simple and clear to understand. It can also be connected to an external computer, making it easy for you to monitor and change settings. This can save you a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to hire a worker to make the changes.

Servo technology

The machine uses servo motors and can be controlled from an external control panel. This allows it to reach production speeds that were simply impossible only a few years ago. It is also highly customizable to accommodate a variety of different sizes and shapes of soaps. The machine can be programmed to automatically adjust to changing conditions, allowing it to run more efficiently. This means that you can save a lot of money on electricity and labor costs. Moreover, the soap wrapping machine can be easily cleaned and maintained. All this makes it a very cost-effective investment. The machine is easy to clean and is made of high-quality materials. It is rust-resistant and can be used with most types of soaps.