Single Row 5W LED Car Light Bar

Single Row 5W LED Car Light Bar

An LED light bar provides powerful illumination and broad visibility on your truck, car or SUV. It can also help you see potential roadside hazards and obstacles.

But before you buy, make sure you check out your local laws regarding LED lights and their installation. You may be putting yourself and other drivers at risk if you violate the rules.


Single Row LED Light Bars use a single row of high-intensity Cree LEDs to produce a powerful beam of light. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, mounting options, and beam patterns to suit your needs. They also come with a premium flat-wound wiring harness and in-line fuse, making installation simple. They feature a black panel design that offers jaw-dropping good looks and blends perfectly with any vehicle using black accents such as grilles, wheels, bull bars or steps. This all-weather lights have a durable die-cast aluminum housing and include Rough Country’s Light Bar Noise Silencers to quickly eliminate the hum, whistle, or wind noise associated with mounted LED lights. The Silencers snap over the cooling fins firmly, preventing any noise-generating vibrations and ensuring a snug fit that stays in place. They also come with a Snap On Cover and 3-year Warranty.

These low-profile lights mount in a narrow space, allowing you to fit them where a double row would not be able to. They are designed to be used as a hood light, bumper or roof-top mount on trucks, jeeps, ATV/UTVs and other off-road vehicles. They use a combination of a spot and flood beam pattern to provide the best possible coverage over a large area. They have a low power draw and a compact size, making them a great addition to any off-road vehicle.

IP67 Waterproof

Single row LED light bars are the most popular lighting options for on- and off-road drivers looking to upgrade their vehicle’s illumination. They feature a single row of the brightest and most durable LEDs on the market to offer unbeatable brightness. Their simple design and affordable price point makes them ideal for anyone who wants to improve their ride’s appearance with a functional upgrade.

If you’re looking for an even more powerful upgrade, consider a double or triple row LED light bar. These Single Row 5W LED Car Light Bar types of LEDs typically have more LED lights on a larger surface area, which gives them a wider coverage range. They’re also available in a variety of colors and beam patterns to fit any application or need.

The IP67 Waterproof design of these LED light bars keeps them safe in any weather conditions. This ensures that moisture is kept out of the internal circuitry, preventing corrosive build-up and maintaining optimal performance. Rough Country’s LED Light Bars are engineered with a durable die-cast aluminum housing and premium flat-wound, braided wiring harness for unsurpassed protection against the elements.

These lightweight, durable LED light bars are built to last with a 50,000 hour average lifespan. They’re backed by Rough Country’s 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind. Each light pair comes with a set of mounting options to give you the flexibility to mount them anywhere on your truck or Jeep.

3D NightSpot Technology

Single row LED light bars are one of the most popular lighting choices among on- and off-road drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s visibility. They have a single row of the brightest and most durable LEDs in the industry, making them an excellent choice for off-road applications. They are also extremely lightweight and come in a variety of sizes, beam patterns, LED colors, and mounting options.

These light bars are street legal and produce a combination beam that allows you to see both short and long distances. They are equipped with hooded reflectors to reduce glare, which makes them perfect for driving on public roads. The 20” Extreme Single Row 5W LED Car Light Bar Series Single Row CREE LED Light Bar is an impressive piece of engineering, offering a sleek compact design and outstanding output. Featuring new 3D NightSpot technology, this lighting device offers superior performance and dependability, and is built with USA XTE CREE LEDs.

A double or dual-row LED light bar is another great option if you are searching for an upgrade to your vehicle’s headlights. This type of lighting is designed with two rows of LEDs that sit on top of each other. They are available in various sizes and can be mounted to the front of your vehicle. Double row LED lights are an excellent choice for emergency and industrial vehicles, as they can generate better flood style illumination than single-row LEDs.

Lifetime Warranty

Some LED light bars come with a lifetime warranty, which is a nice sign that the manufacturer stands behind their products. However, not all warranties are equal. Cheaper lights tend to have less comprehensive warranty coverage and may be harder to get service for. Look for details like the warranty length, what it covers, and whether the product is backed by a company with a good reputation.

The amount of area that an LED light bar can cover is a big factor to consider. A larger bar can illuminate a wider area, while a shorter one might only provide illumination for a few feet in front of your vehicle. Then you’ll want to think about how the bar is mounted – this can impact the angle and visibility of the light, and how well it stays secured on unpredictable terrain.

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of diodes used in an LED light bar. Cree is a popular brand and typically offers high-quality LEDs, but not all models are created equal. You’ll also want to note the color temperature and beam pattern of the light. A spot beam pattern is great for illuminating narrow areas, while floods are a great option for lighting up broader spaces. Some manufacturers offer a combination of both, which can be useful for covering a wide range of situations.