Retrofit Projector Headlights to Improve Your Visibility

Retrofit Projector Headlights to Improve Your Visibility

When installing projector headlights, you’ll be able to achieve a new level of light output that dramatically improves your visibility. To do this, the projector uses a lens to evenly distribute light across a specific beam pattern that has been shaped and aimed by the reflector.

These lights also have a shutter that is activated in low-beam to provide a crisp cut-off line without creating glare for other drivers on the road. The shutter also helps avoid stray light from reflecting off the back of the headlight.

Aim Down

Because they project light forward, retrofit projector headlights help to reduce headlight glare for other drivers. This feature is particularly helpful for those with a lower ride height who don’t want to blind other drivers or cause them to be distracted. In addition to reducing glare, the crisp cut-off line of projector headlights helps drivers maintain control on the road by allowing them to see where their car is going at any given time.

When installing your headlights it is important to take the time to aim them down. This is because a small misaim of just half a degree can dramatically decrease the amount of usable light that your headlights reach. This can be due to anything from luggage being in the back of your vehicle to simply replacing a light bulb that was burned out.

When aiming your headlights park your vehicle in a good sized lot facing a level flat wall (approximately 30 feet away). Take note of how far each projector is off center from it’s perfect spot. This will allow you to make the proper adjustments needed. Next, remove the bulb from your projector that needs a rotation tweak/adjustment (if both, start with the drivers side) and carefully use the “projector adjustment tool” provided by TRS to retrofit projector headlights GENTLY twist the projector to the desired position (if RIGHT side is low, rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, if LEFT side is low, rotate CLOCKWISE). Continue this process with each headlight until they are perfectly aimed.

Increased Visibility

Since they aim down, projector headlights can provide more road visibility at longer distances than reflector-type headlights. They also produce a more focused beam of light, so you won’t have to worry about blinding other drivers in front of you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s headlights, there are plenty of options out there. Depending on your vehicle type and needs, you can choose between HID, LED or halogen. Choosing the right bulbs is also important, as they’ll impact your light output.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) conversion kits typically replace halogen headlight bulbs with xenon bulbs that are much brighter than the stock lights. They are designed to give you improved road lighting, but they may take some time to get up to full power.

Projector headlights are similar to reflector headlights in that they contain a bulb and a mirror that work together to focus light. The difference is that projectors have a special shroud that helps direct the light and produces a crisp cut-off line. This makes them ideal for vehicles that want to maximize their lighting output. There are several companies out there that make both universal and vehicle-specific projector headlight retrofits, including Morimoto, GTR Lighting, and Alpharex. Each brand offers different styles and features, so be sure to do your research before buying.

Sleek Appearance

Projector headlights are much sleeker than reflector headlights and create a more stylish aesthetic. Unlike reflector headlights that use a large mirror behind the bulb to control light output, projector headlights have a lens over the bulb that focuses and concentrates the bulb’s output into a tight, crisp beam pattern. This style of headlight is extremely popular because it gives your truck a premium look that can turn heads.

There are many different types of projector headlights, from halogen to HID to LED. Typically, halogen projector headlights will have a tungsten filament bulb inside that works by passing an electric current through the filament and generating heat to produce light. Xenon/HID projector headlights use an arc of electricity between two electrodes to generate light and are usually brighter than a standard halogen bulb. LED projector headlights use small, light-emitting diodes to generate power and produce a bright, white light that’s more energy-efficient than either halogen or Xenon/HID bulbs.

Retrofit projector headlights that use a LED or Xenon bulb are often more expensive, but offer better performance and brightness than a halogen bulb. Regardless of which type of headlight you choose, it’s important to find quality headlights that offer excellent performance and a sleek appearance that will improve your ride’s aesthetics. For example, a set of AlphaRex Black PRO Series headlights features sleek gloss black housings and smoked polycarbonate lenses for a stealthy aesthetic that’ll give your Tacoma a premium look. This kit also includes LED DRLs and sequential turn signals for a complete upgrade.

Reduced Glare

While they might look the same, projector headlights are different than their reflector counterparts. They feature a light bulb inside of a cup with mirrors that reflect the light back and forth, but they also use an optical lens that acts like a magnifying glass to increase the brightness of the headlight. This allows the light to be aimed more precisely. This is important, as improperly aiming headlights will blind oncoming traffic, which can be dangerous.

Compared to halogen headlights, the light output from projectors is much brighter and can help you see more of the road. However, it’s important to make sure you choose a high-quality projector retrofit projector headlights kit that will provide the best possible performance. A good option is a vehicle-specific retrofit kit, which is designed to fit in your specific headlights and will likely come with plug-and-play components. If you’re not comfortable with baking your headlights open or cutting wires, a universal kit might be more suitable.

Using a high-quality projector is even more important when you’re doing a bi-xenon projector retrofit. These kits include a special dual-beam projector that will allow you to turn on the high beams of your car along with the regular halogen high beams. You’ll be able to switch between them using a simple, easy-to-use solenoid and will get all of the benefits that come with a high-quality projector.