Mujjo Envoy Macbook Bags Review

Mujjo Envoy Macbook Bags Review


Mujjo Envoy Macbook Bags Review

The perfect laptop bag complements your MacBook with premium materials, thoughtful features and sleek looks. The Mujjo Envoy offers portable storage for not just the MacBook but your favored accessories, too.

Whether you’re riding public transportation, scootering to work or heading to the local coworking space or coffee shop. These macbook-bags will meet the challenges of your commute—and still look great.

Aer City Pack Pro

This 27-liter bag has a ton of features that are great for work travel. The main compartment has a U-shaped access point at the top, and it also has an isolated, suspended sleeve that holds laptops up to 16”. This keeps the tech away from everything else and makes it easy to get to. There are a bunch of other pockets and organization options, too.

The front pack, which can be zipped shut, has more granular organization, including a zippered pocket with half made of stretchy mesh for visibility and the other with a fabric liner. The rest of the front pocket has plenty of room for smaller accessories and gear, like a small camera, chargers, headphones, or even a jacket. This is a nice touch since it’s the kind of thing that might go unnoticed on some bags, but it’s an excellent way to maximize the space.

The City Pack Pro has some other smart features, too, like a luggage pass-through strap that sits on roller baggage horizontally. Its design is very functional and works well for work travel, but if you want something to take on adventures, then one of the other Aer bags might be better. It won’t hold up as well to rugged outdoor adventure travel, and the flat shape doesn’t offer a lot of protection or padding.

Timbuk 2 Project

Starting as a bike messenger company, Timbuk2 is known for its stylish and functional backpacks and messenger bags. They are a favorite of office workers and business travelers and are perfect for showcasing your logo. They also make excellent promotional items for tradeshows and events. In fact, a 2019 Global Ad Impressions study found that people keep promotional products that are useful and attractive, and these bags definitely fit the bill.

A great example is the Timbuk2 Prospect Mini, which is a smaller version of their popular 22L backpack. It has a sleek aesthetic and mega storage space, with a water-repellent waxed canvas exterior and premium leather trimmings. The bag is designed to work as a commuter pack, but also works well for travelers who need a daypack after unpacking their larger backpack at their destination.

For those looking for a lighter option, the Timbuk2 Shagg is a small accessory bag that can fit your macbook-bags wallet, keys, and phone, or even attach to your bigger sling backpack. The bag is light and strapless, and has plenty of pockets to store everything you need.

Timbuk2 is committed to manufacturing their products locally, which helps them ensure top quality and support San Francisco communities and the environment. They also go out of their way to offer repair and upcycling services for their customers when their bags are reaching the end of their life.

Matein Backpack

Designed to help you travel easily while keeping your electronics safe and organized, this backpack has an impressive number of features including an anti theft pocket, a USB connector and more. Its smart extras paired with an affordable price tag make it hard to beat for anyone who frequently travels.

Its main compartment is large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop and has plenty of room for your other essentials as well. It also comes with a front macbook-bags organizer compartment and a large zipper pocket to keep all of your travel documents and accessories together.

The backpack’s padded back panel is thick and soft, offering comfortable support for long periods of time. The straps are also padded, which helps prevent the bag from digging into your shoulders and chest like some other backpacks do.

The Matein Backpack also has a hidden anti-theft pocket on the bottom of the backpack that you can use to store items like your passport or ultra thin wallet. The only downside to this feature is that it can be difficult to get to if you are wearing the backpack with your back against it, and the pocket is only large enough for things with a slim profile.

MANCIO Backpack

Unlike other backpacks, this bag features a large main compartment that can easily accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6 inches in size. It also has two external side pockets to carry water bottle and umbrella. This feature makes it an ideal backpack for travelling and college use. The backpack is also available in a variety of colours to suit any style.

The bag is made of oxford fabric that is a lightweight tear resistant material. It protects the laptop from damage and ensures long-lasting usage. It also has a built-in USD port that can help in charging your mobile devices. Its reinforced edges and steel frame keep the backpack in shape. The padded back panel and straps also make it comfortable to carry the backpack for long distances.

Another great thing about this backpack is that it can be used to store both a laptop and tablet. It also comes with a dedicated iPad pocket, which is great for students who often bring their laptops to school. There are also two front zip pockets that can be used to store pens, keys, wallet, and other essentials.

Despite having a few drawbacks, the MANCIO Backpack is still an excellent choice for students who are looking for a stylish and functional backpack. The large, flat main compartment is the perfect size to hold a laptop and tablet, while the smaller front pocket can easily fit a 2×2 trade binder.