Injectable Powder Filling Machine

Injectable Powder Filling Machine

Injectable powder filling machine is a special kind of equipment that accurately fills containers with virtually all types of powder without agitating or breaking down the product.

This machine also provides accurate measurement to ensure that you only fill the right amount of powder into each container. It has sensors that help you get an accurate result every time you use it.


An injectable powder filling machine is a highly accurate tool that dispenses sterilized powder into vials. It incorporates a high-speed electronic speed control and a safety clutch device that prevents vial breakage. It also has a precision-built stainless steel frame and an industrial-grade stainless steel hydraulic system.

The machine is capable of producing up to six gm of vials in a single dose and can process 50 mg to 1500 mg of powder per single dose. It is an efficient and versatile device that is suitable for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging facilities. It is hygienic and long-lasting thanks to its industrial-grade stainless steel frame and sanitary-grade 304-grade stainless steel finish.

This machine has a vacuum/pressure dosing mechanism that allows it to achieve good accuracy and precision levels even with micronized powder. It can fill vials with a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 60 mm, while maintaining aseptic conditions.

It uses a pair of mechanical agitators that vibrate a powder wheel to meter the powder being fed into the port. The wheel has twelve ports and a piston in each port that measures the amount of powder being fed into it. This powder is then sucked into the port, which is sealed by a vacuum plate. The excess powder is scraped off with a doctor blade.

A rubber stopper is placed on the top of the vial once it is filled with powder, preventing contamination. This machine is capable of filling 230 vials per minute and can be used for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging centers.

The machine can also fill and cap vials at the same time, ensuring that no powder or rubber stopper goes to waste. It is a cGMP-compliant device that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the customer.

It has a precision-built stainless steel frame, welded steel construction, and computerised controls that ensure little powder waste. It also features a safety clutch system and injectable powder filling machine an AC voltage control that is capable of delivering smooth, consistent operation.


If you want your injectable powder filling machine to be durable, choose one that is made from a corrosion-resistant material. Stainless steel 304 is ideal for this purpose, as it can handle corrosive substances without breaking down or rusting.

You also need to make sure that the powder contact parts are abrasion-resistant. This ensures that they are not damaged by grit or other particles. In addition, the hopper should be able to handle a wide range of powder sizes.

Durable powder filling machines can withstand long hours of operation without requiring maintenance or repair. Moreover, they can be used for multiple types of products and are often suitable for large production runs.

Injectable powder filling machines can be used to fill sterile liquids or dry ingredients into glass vials. They can be purchased in both rotary and in-line styles, depending on the type of product being filled.

The quality of your powder filling equipment is critical to the success of your production line. A machine that isn’t working properly can cause rotten products, wasted ingredients, and missed deadlines.

For this reason, it’s important to purchase a powder filling machine that is built for the job and can stand up to the rigors of a busy manufacturing environment. JBT’s broad selection of integrated powder handling equipment is designed for flexibility, accuracy, cleanliness, gentle product handling, and user-friendliness – making it the perfect fit for your needs.

You should always make sure that your powder filling machine is cGMP-compliant and meets the appropriate standards for safety, hygiene, and efficiency. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your line can deliver the best products to your customers.

There are several parts of an injectable powder filling machine, including a mainframe head, level detector, feeding port, hopper, and overflow collector. The level detector is essential because it will establish the level of powder dispensed into containers.

This device will also include a timer, so that you can monitor the process. It will also feature a safety clutch mechanism and an autoclavable glove box.

The injectable powder filling machine is a great option for high-volume operations and can be used to dispense powders of all shapes and sizes. Its unique design minimizes cross-line charging and offers a toughened glass safety cabinet.


Designed with efficiency in mind, this injectable powder filling machine is highly effective at processing large amounts of dry powder. It also offers several safety features that minimize product wastage and improve production rates.

The injectable powder filling machine has a built-in rubber stoppering unit that seals the top of the vial once it’s filled. This system reduces the injectable powder filling machine risk of contamination and helps save space in the sterile environment. The machine is able to fill up to 230 vials per minute, and it’s ideal for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging facilities.

This machine has a specialized vacuum-pressure dosing mechanism that ensures accuracy. It also has a doctor blade that scrapes away excess powder. It’s designed to withstand long hours of use, making it a reliable choice for any application.

There are many different types of injection powder filling machines. They include auger-based systems, double head dry powder filling lines, and more.

Auger-based systems are a popular choice for companies that need to fill dry products or ingredients that need special care. They have stainless steel frames and food-grade contact components that make cleaning easy.

They are also very flexible and can be used for a variety of products. They can even be integrated into existing machines to create an automated system.

These fillers have an auger that rotates a hopper and a set of sensors that help regulate the flow of powder into bottles. They’re also a great option for large companies that want to increase productivity.

This machine can dispense dry powder, as well as other liquids and chemicals. It can dispense up to 230 vials per minute and has a rubber stoppering unit that places a rubber cap on the container once it’s filled. It’s a powerful tool that can save a lot of money and improve the quality of your products.

It is available in single and double-wheel models. Both are cGMP-approved and have a high level of precision. The single-wheel model is ideal for smaller quantities of powder, and the double-wheel version can handle more dosages.

The efficiency of an injectable powder filling machine depends on the number of doses that need to be produced. The more doses it can process, the faster it will be able to run.


An injectable powder filling machine is an excellent solution for adding sterile dry powders into vials and bottles. The unit features a rubber stoppering mechanism that prevents the powder from getting contaminated and adulterated. The machine also seals the top of the container when it is finished. This helps prevent cross-contamination and makes it safer for use in sterile environments.

Stainless steel construction is ideal for this type of filling machine because it protects the parts that come into contact with air, making cleaning and maintenance easy. Additionally, this machine is built to meet cGMP standards. It can be customized for multiple dosing, and it has a safety clutch system that prevents vial breakage.

This powder filling machine can withstand long hours of use and is designed to work in sterile conditions. It uses a vacuum and pressure dosing system to attain accuracy. It can fill powders from 50 mg to 1500mg in a single dose.

The filling process is a safe one because the product is only injected into glass vials that are sealed. This ensures that the powder won’t be ingested by anyone other than the intended recipient. This prevents the risk of acquiring infections, as well as potential injuries and deaths from exposure to contaminated products.

In addition, this machine has an automatic shut-off valve, which means that it can shut off the line if there are any issues with filling jets or if the vial is jammed in place. It also features an autoclavable glove compartment that protects the operator from contaminates during the filling process.

Another important aspect of this machine is the speed. It has a slat chain conveyor that can run at various speeds, allowing for easy adjustment. The machine can also be fitted with a turn table to reduce the time it takes to fill up vials.

An injectable powder filling machine can be used for a variety of different applications, but it is especially useful for adding sterile injectable powders into vials and bottles. It is a great way to add powders to plastic, HDPE, and glass containers, and it can be used for filling powder into vials with a wide range of diameters.