Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

frosted window film

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is a durable, cost-effective solution for adding privacy to existing glass windows and doors. It gives the glass surface an opaque frosted appearance and works well at both day and night.

It’s much more affordable than etched glass and can easily be removed in the future without doing damage to your windows. It also allows natural light into the space, reducing energy costs.


Frosted window film is designed to give you privacy, while still allowing natural light into your home. It’s a much more durable solution than actual frosted glass, and it’s easier to install and remove. It comes with an adhesive layer that allows it to be placed on any glass surface, and it will come up without leaving any marks or damage behind. It’s also easy to clean, so it can be wiped down or sanitized as needed.

Scott explains that customers often choose to get frosted window film for their homes or offices because it’s an affordable and non-permanent way to increase privacy. He sees homeowners using frosted window film to hide messy or clutter-ridden areas, such as laundry rooms and pantry doors. He also often sees office managers, architects, glazers, and contractors looking to add frosted window film to conference rooms and private offices in commercial properties.

In addition to enhancing privacy, frosted window film can be used to deliver branding or graphics messages, and it can help deflect solar heat and UV rays. The opacity of the film – depending on the style you choose – can also keep the inside of your windows or doors looking cleaner, as it won’t show up dirt, grit, and fingerprints as easily. This makes it a great option for busy homes or offices, especially if you have young kids or pets.

Energy Efficiency

Frost window film offers an easy way to modernize any glass surface and it’s far cheaper than replacing the actual frosted window film windows. It looks just like etched glass but comes in a much wider variety of colours and styles. It can also be removed in the future with zero damage to the original window or door.

Window film’s low emissivity properties help reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. And since the frosted style provides privacy at night as well, this window film is a great option for both residential and commercial projects.

The frosted film also allows natural light to shine through, reducing the need for electric lighting. It can also protect against UV rays. The textured surface is easy to clean, so it doesn’t show up dirt, smudges and fingerprints as easily as walls or plastic partitions.

While most people think of frosted window film as an interior decorating solution, it’s also a great option for improving energy efficiency. Window films are a lot less expensive than replacing the actual windows and they’re easy to install. They come on large rolls that can be cut to fit any shape and size of the existing window. The process is quick and easy when you work with an experienced team of professionals. They have the know-how and the detail-oriented eyes needed to position the films perfectly.


Decorative window film is a stylish way to upgrade windows and doors in homes, offices and commercial projects. It allows natural light in, while obscuring the contents of the room from outsiders’ view. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to replacing glass.

Our frosted glass film is available in a range of styles, including one-way privacy films. These provide privacy during the daytime but allow in loads of natural light. They also help to keep the space cooler and reduce the glare on computer screens.

Frosting a window also offers frosted window film anti-vandalism protection. This is because the frosted glass is much harder to mark than traditional windows and can easily be wiped clean. This makes it an excellent choice for shopfronts and office spaces that are vulnerable to vandalism or graffiti.

Scott’s residential clients frequently ask for frosted glass on their bathrooms and other areas where they want more privacy without having to close curtains or blinds. They also find it easier to maintain as the frosting disguises fingerprints and other day-to-day marks more effectively than standard windows. In the office, frosted film is ideal for meeting rooms and glass partitions. It helps to add privacy and can be changed in future to reflect a change in branding or a new vision for the company. This avoids the costly expense of replacing existing glass and helps to keep a consistent aesthetic throughout the property.


Many people opt for frosted window film as a design solution in their homes. This option is much more affordable than etched glass or traditional drapes and allows for customization with a wide range of solid and decorative patterns. To keep your frosted windows looking clean, try using baby shampoo – it’s gentle on the window and leaves the glass clear with no streaks!

Frosted window film can be used to create a privacy wall in bathrooms and laundry rooms, for instance. In addition, frosted window film can be used to add design and flair to any room or office. For example, a small business owner may use frosted window film to display their company logo on a conference room or office partition wall. This can help to brand the space and give customers a sense of professionalism when they visit.

When it comes to commercial spaces, frosted window film can be installed on storefronts to enhance privacy and curb break-ins. This is an excellent option for retail stores, warehouses and even office buildings that have large glass windows. Customers entering a business with a frosted window film storefront will be able to see through the glass, but people outside will only be able to see light transmissions.

Another great design benefit of frosted window film is that it’s easy to clean. Unlike acid-etched or sand-blasted glass, which requires expensive removal and replacement, frosted window film can simply be wiped down like any other surface. This means there’s no need to re-paint or re-do the glass, which can save both time and money for companies with a limited budget.