Double Sided Lightbox

Double Sided Lightbox

Double sided lightbox can be used to display your company logo or brand image from both sides. It’s the perfect choice for window displays as it can capture passerby attention from both sides.

This frame utilises energy efficient LED edge lights to illuminate displayed posters and help you save money on electricity costs. It also features a lock to protect your graphics from tampering or theft.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Lightboxes make brands and messages stand out in retail environments where shoppers are dazzled left, right and centre by other marketing materials. Their use of LED lighting helps to maximise exposure and get businesses noticed, even during the busiest times when consumers are distracted.

Illuminated print displays are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. They’re constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand dust, UV rays and other environmental factors, ensuring they retain their visual appeal over time. They’re also easy to maintain, making them a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise.

Another benefit of illuminated display systems is that they can be customised to suit a brand’s requirements. This is especially important for retail shops that need to communicate different messages to customers from various angles.

For example, some retailers choose to use curved lightboxes to promote new products or promotions in shop windows. These curved structures ensure that the graphics are seen from all directions, rather than missing out on visibility due double sided lightbox to a design flaw or being obscured by other items in the window.

Fabric SEG light boxes are also a great solution for retail shops that need to showcase multiple images and graphics. They’re built using lightweight aluminum frames that are pre-installed with UL approved LED strip lights. The LEDs are diffused to eliminate any hot spots, ensuring that the graphics remain vibrant and clear. The graphics are printed using UV solvent inks, which gives them a more vivid and contrast rich finish.


The versatility of a double-sided lightbox allows businesses to showcase different graphics and messages on each side, thus increasing the chances of capturing and engaging viewers. This can be particularly helpful for companies that sell multiple products, or those participating in various events. Moreover, the ability to customise the display to align with brand identity ensures that the company’s message is clearly communicated to customers.

For example, the upsell lightbox (shown below) on Pinterest uses a simple but effective technique to increase signup and login conversions. When visitors attempt to checkout on the website, they see a popup offering them additional products that they may like, or asking them to log in to continue their browsing. This helps to drive engagement and increase revenue, making it a great way to grow an online business.

The SEGO modular light box is another example of a versatile backlit display that is both easy to set up and durable. Its recessed grooves make it easier to insert the SEG graphic, which is made from a premium-grade translucent fabric that diffuses the light evenly to create a bright and vibrant display. The frame is also durable and long-lasting, helping it to maintain its visual appeal over time. This combination of durability and versatility makes it a popular choice for exhibitions and trade shows, as well as retail lobbies.

Energy Efficiency

Illuminated signs and displays attract a lot more attention from customers than non-illuminated ones, and as a result help businesses to drive up their sales revenue. Light boxes are one of the most popular and effective means of doing this, as they are available in huge eye-catching sizes and are highly visible to people walking by.

This is why they are such a great choice for retailers looking to promote special offers, sale items and hard-to-sell products, or to guide their customers through the store by acting as permanent department markers.

Another benefit of this type of sign is that it uses less energy than fluorescent bulbs and can last longer, which helps to cut down on double sided lightbox electricity bills and reduce costs over time. Moreover, it uses LED technology, which reduces the power consumption of the sign by up to 70 percent compared with traditional lighting sources.

This double sided lightbox features an aluminium frame with silicone edges for backlit graphics and can be hung from a wall or freestanding on feet. It is ideal for use in retail, office and hospitality environments, as it can be easily installed with no tools required. Simply push the silicone edges of your custom SEG dye-sub backlit fabric graphics into the frame’s recessed grooves and you’re ready to go. It is also available in a wide range of finishes to suit different design schemes and spaces.


Double sided light boxes work doubly hard in attracting attention, offering twice as much visibility for your printed advertising graphics. These illuminated display frames are perfect for malls, auto and retail showrooms, restaurants, conference centers, health clubs, offices, grocery stores or even storefront windows.

These displays are crafted with sturdy frames and premium-grade translucent fabric material that is designed to diffuse light evenly. This ensures that your graphics and messages are illuminated properly to help you stand out from the competition. In addition to this, these displays are made using energy-efficient LED lighting technology that reduces energy costs and enhances overall longevity.

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, these displays are incredibly versatile and can be customised to suit your business’s unique branding and messaging requirements. You can use different colours to highlight specific aspects of your business or create an image that perfectly reflects your brand. This versatility makes these signs a great choice for businesses that want to maximise the impact of their marketing campaigns.

The SEGO modular LED lightbox is a tool-less, lightweight and portable SEG backlit fabric display with LED lights pre-installed in the profile. Its easy-to-assemble design makes set up quick and hassle-free. Its durable black expanded polystyrene liner protects the frame and components during transit. The aluminum frame can be mounted either flush on the wall or 16cm off the wall with the included wall brackets.