Customizing Your Ice Pop Packaging

Customizing Your Ice Pop Packaging

Ice pops are a summer favorite, and for adults, boozy popsicles spiked with alcohol offer an innovative cocktail treat. The key to creating these frozen treats is to have a freezer that can freeze the ingredients quickly.

Whether you are selling health-conscious ice pops or jovial treats for kids, the look and feel of your packaging is critical. Here are some tips to help you choose the best packaging for your products.


For brands that want to take their ice pops to the next level, customizing their packaging can make them more appealing to consumers. They can also use it as a marketing tool. Adding photos, logos, and other customization options can help brand owners connect with their customers. They can even add a message to create personalized popsicles for special occasions.

Depending on the type of ice pops a company is selling, it can customize its packaging to fit the product’s style. For example, if a brand is selling artisanal popsicles made with organic ingredients, it can use a clean, minimalist design to convey its philosophy. Alternatively, if its product is designed for children, it can use a bright, playful look to appeal to that audience.

The company offers a full range of turnkey services, including formulation and recipe development, ice pop packaging sourcing, and manufacturing. It can also create a wide variety of packaging shapes and sizes for its customers.

The company’s new products are available at select locations across the country, including supermarkets, cafes, and minimarts. They are sold in ambient shelf-stable form in RTF flexible-film formats and in a new long-form format, which is suitable for ice-cream and non-dairy beverages. The company has also begun testing a pouch format that is ideal for adult beverages, as well as juice and water.


Whether you’re selling ice cream at a stall or in a supermarket, your product’s packaging is your most important marketing tool. This is why it’s important to create a unique and memorable aesthetic, and to include information that highlights your brand’s value and philosophy. This will help you attract new customers and strengthen your brand’s reputation among existing ones.

The company uses a simple color scheme and sleek, minimalist design to communicate the brand’s refreshing philosophy. It also uses a variety of shapes and colors to highlight the different flavors it sells. The result is a unique and fun ice cream package that perfectly reflects the brand’s style and message.

In addition to its ice cream, TopPop also makes innovative cocktails made of spirits and malt. These drinks are sold in ambient shelf-stable form, packaged in RTF flexible film formats. Martin notes that the growth of TopPop has boosted production capacity and required a significant investment in equipment to handle the additional volume. Moreover, each new flavor requires a new set of molds that are expensive to produce and maintain. Small manufacturers may not be able to afford the costs, especially if they aren’t sure which new ice pops will be big sellers. This is why it’s important to use a reliable, cost-effective packaging system for your ice cream.


In addition to offering a unique, one-of-a-kind refreshment, TopPop also offers custom packaging with photos, logos and more for birthday parties, major events and other occasions. This allows the company to differentiate itself from competitors by providing a personalized experience with each purchase.

In just three years, TopPop has grown its annual production to more than 40 million adult ice pops in ambient shelf-stable RTF flexible-film sachets and juice/water products in stand-up pouches. To handle this growth, it needed new long-form fill/seal (f/f/s) machines to package the product at its Marlton facility.

The company began with two eight-lane vertical f/f/s machines for the 2-oz adult ice pops. It then added four four-lane machines that run faster, can be easily changed over to run a range of sizes and are better suited for larger runs. They can package a variety of liquid and semi-liquid products, including ice pops, yoghurt and semi-liquid shampoo.


As consumers become more concerned about the environment, companies that make and distribute ice pops are focusing on their eco-friendly packaging. They are using less plastic and more reusable materials to produce their products. This helps to conserve energy and resources and also keeps the ice cream fresh for longer. Using eco-friendly ice pop packaging can also help you to attract more customers.

Many ice pop manufacturers offer a complete turnkey solution to their clients. This includes product formulation, recipe development, sourcing ice pop packaging of ingredients and blending, and full-scale manufacturing capability. They can even procure custom packaging for their clients. This allows them to offer a wide range of packaging options, including stand-up pouches and rigid boxes.

Manufacturers closely monitor the production process of their ice pops. They watch for quality issues and are able to reject any that do not meet their standards. They also watch the emergence of new flavors to ensure they are on trend with consumer tastes. However, the costs of adding a new flavor are high. New molds and labels must be created, which can be a significant investment.

TopPop offers a variety of different packaging solutions for its ice pops. Its full-automatic machine can package ice pops and other liquid products in stick form with a sealed on three sides. The company also offers flexible sachets of adult ice pops and juice and water products in a stand-up pouch format.