Commercial Inflatable Jumpers

Commercial Inflatable Jumpers

inflatable jumpers

Commercial Inflatable Jumpers

Inflatable jumpers, also known as bounce houses or moonwalks, are a staple for children’s parties and events. While these structures offer kids a fun and healthy way to burn energy, they can also be dangerous.

Bounce house injuries are preventable with better industry regulation and increased awareness of safety guidelines. Read on to learn more about the types of inflatable jumpers and the safety measures that should be taken.

Residential Inflatables

A bounce house, moonwalk or bouncy castle can be a wonderful addition to any child’s birthday party. However, with so many different inflatables on the market and at competing prices, it’s important for potential buyers to understand their needs in order to pick the right product.

Residential inflatables are typically made of a inflatable jumpers nylon fabric and are designed for use by children at home. They have a lower weight capacity and are smaller than their commercial counterparts, making them easier to transport and store.

Also known as closed inflatable trampolines (CITs), bouncing castles or jumpers, these types of units are often rented out for functions such as school and church festivals and village fetes. They are similar to commercial inflatables, but with netting for parental supervision and continuous air flow, with pores in the material that allow the kids to play while the blower continues to pump in air.

Commercial Inflatables

Inflatable bounce houses and water slides are a great way to entertain children at birthday parties, graduations, family gatherings, or any other type of celebration. Many people also use them for fundraising events or even to occupy the kids at church, school, or community center functions. Whether you’re looking to rent out inflatables for an event or run your own business, you can make the most of this fun and interactive entertainment by choosing high-quality commercial products.

Commercial-grade inflatables are made with stronger materials than residential ones. This makes them much more durable and allows them to accommodate more children at once. In addition, they often come with extra features like climbing walls, more slides, and an obstacle course. Because of their increased durability, they can withstand much more abuse than residential inflatables and require fewer repairs.

The best commercial inflatables are made from heavy-duty lead free fire resistance PVC material that’s designed for continuous use. The seams are triple-threaded and heat-welded to prevent water seepage. This makes them a safe option for indoor centers and other locations where a lot of kids will be playing at the same time.

When shopping for a commercial inflatable, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. This includes things like the slide stopper, removable climber linings, and proper firm walls. Avoid models that don’t have these safety features because they can put the riders in danger.

Commercial-Grade Inflatables

When shopping for inflatable products, it’s important to look at the material used for manufacturing. Inflatable slides that are manufactured from vinyl provide a durable and long-lasting experience for children. These slides also come with features like double and triple stitching. In addition, some slides may be designed to make them look taller than they are. Beware of such deceptive designs and ensure that you’re buying a slide that is actually the height you need it to be. One example is the 18′ H Obstacle Slide Piece by Moonwalk, which can connect with other inflatable obstacle course pieces through connectors on both ends.

Commercial-grade inflatables are usually made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl. They are able to be larger and accommodate more people than residential inflatables because of this. In addition, they’re usually more durable and come with proper repair kits. These factors make them ideal for business applications like summer camps, parties, and other events.

Choosing the right inflatable can be difficult, especially when there are so many options on the market. To help narrow down the selection, you should first decide what your needs are and how much use you want to get out of it. You should then compare prices and determine which product is best for you. The next step is to check the product’s durability and safety standards.

Retail Inflatables

Retail inflatables like bounce houses, bounce house slide combos, water slides and obstacle courses are a fantastic way to generate brand awareness and increase foot traffic in your store. These products are designed to withstand repeated use, and most are made using vinyl that’s finger-safe. They also feature netting that helps children stay safely inside the unit without compromising visibility or safety.

Interactive games are another great way to drive engagement and brand awareness in stores and at events. inflatable jumpers From football ring toss to bottle bowling, these games can help you network with people while promoting your brand in a fun and engaging way. Plus, they’re incredibly memorable, so your customers will be reminded of your company long after the event has ended.

Unlike billboards, radio and print ads, custom inflatable product units are re-usable. Once deflated, they are compact enough to be shipped with standard shipping services, making it easy and affordable to bring your brand to multiple locations. These branded displays are perfect for seasonal promotions, sales and even trade shows. They’re a smart addition to any marketing strategy, and they offer a much higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising.