Coin Operated Claw Machine

Coin Operated Claw Machine

coin operated claw machine

Coin Operated Claw Machine

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining way to spend time with your kids, look no further than a coin operated claw machine. They are durable, accommodate a variety of prizes, and are also available in a number of fun designs!

When purchasing a claw machine, it is important to check the specifications. Most machines are around 13 inches tall and have a base that measures close to eight by 10 inches.

Payback percentages

Claw machines are a fun and engaging way to entertain guests of all ages. They also offer an opportunity to earn a bit of cash. These machines can be found at a wide range of businesses, from fast food restaurants to sports venues. They can also be found in some hotels, including those that feature arcades and video games.

While you can install a coin operated claw machine anywhere on your property, it is best to place it in a high-traffic area. This will give you the best chance at attracting players.

Another important factor is the design of the machine. You want to make sure that it is easy to use and operates smoothly. This will keep people coming back to the facility and potentially increase your business.

The best way to achieve this is to offer a variety of prizes. This will ensure that you can attract the highest paying customers as well as those who simply enjoy playing the equipment.

A well-designed claw machine can be set to reward players with a small discount for multiple play attempts. This is a good idea because it demonstrates to visitors that you are aware of their needs and have provided them with a high-quality entertainment option.

Unlike some other entertainment options, you only need to clean and restock the machine about once per week in order to keep it operational and earning you money. This will give you a nice amount of passive income, which will help you cover the cost of the prizes. The best part of all is that you will likely see a lot of happy customers on a daily basis!


A coin operated claw machine is an amusement device that dispenses prizes if the player manipulates a crane-like claw inside. These machines are often found at arcades, bars, and restaurants.

Claw machines use a crane-style claw that is controlled by a button, joystick, or electro-mechanical mechanism that moves the claw. In some machines, a timer is used to control the speed of the claw.

In some cases, the machine uses a computer to determine the payout percentage. This is done by coin operated claw machine determining whether or not the claw has a strong grip on an object based on the operator’s settings and other factors. The claw may be set to have a strong grip only on a certain percentage of attempts, or it may be set to have a weak grip in certain situations, such as when a prize is too deep for the claw to pick up.

Many machines have two different claw strength settings, which can be adjusted by the operator. The default setting is usually to have the claw at full strength only once in every 18 games.

Some machines also have a feature that increases the claw’s grip to full strength for a short period of time. This can cause a prize to be picked up, but then dropped when the crane returns to its home position.

Another variation is a feature called instant replay, which causes the claw to return to the same position before it drops the prize into the opening. This is a popular option on Elaut Intelli and IntraXion cranes.

A third variation is a bonus mode, which can be activated by playing the machine for a certain number of coins, or by using a key to unlock a compartment. These modes often give the user a chance to win more than 15 coins at once, and they can include music and special winning scenes on the LCD display.

These variations are not all that uncommon, and it is important to understand them before trying to play a claw machine. This will allow you to make the best decision about what to buy.

Safety features

A coin operated claw machine is a type of vending machine that vends small prizes and plush toys. These are commonly found in video arcades, supermarkets, restaurants and bowling alleys. They can be fun and entertaining for the players as well as provide a significant revenue for the operators.

There are several safety features that are built into these machines. Most of them are designed to prevent unauthorized players from using them. Some machines also include a mechanism that protects against mechanical damage to the machine.

One way to prevent players from stealing prizes is by limiting the number of times they can attempt to manipulate the claw. These limits can be adjusted by the operator.

Another way to reduce the chance of a prize being stolen is to increase the strength of the claw. This is often done by adjusting the settings on the machine’s PCB, or by adding additional hardware or circuit components.

Some newer machines are equipped with an adjustable claw power feature, which allows the player to control how strong the claw is for a certain percentage of time. These controls can be set anywhere from 0-48.

Many modern machines use a computer to determine how much of the claw to grip on an object each time. These settings are usually set to a 1-8 ratio, which means that it is likely that the player will win a prize at least once every eight gameplays.

The same technology is used in skill-based slot machines. These machines are typically regulated by state laws. This is because lawmakers want to keep these machines safe for children, as well as make them less akin to gambling.

Some older machines may be retrofitted with a device called a crane processor, which can be programmed to control the claw power. This is an important step in ensuring that skill-based machines don’t become rigged against players.


A coin operated claw machine is a fun and entertaining way to increase traffic at your business. These machines can be installed in a variety of locations including restaurants, bowling alleys, and arcades. They can be a good addition to your business, but the maintenance costs must also be considered.

Most coin changer products are designed for easy repair and maintenance. They feature a LED indicator that lights up when a coin is jammed, or they coin operated claw machine may have an LED that flashes three or four times to let you know that the sensor needs cleaning.

The best way to ensure that your equipment is functioning correctly is to keep it in tip-top condition. This means taking it apart, cleaning the parts, and reassembling them to make sure they are working correctly.

Keeping your claw machine in top condition can help it stay safe and perform as expected, which can lead to more frequent use by customers. It can also reduce the cost of repairs and prevent a downtime that can cause a loss of revenue.

For example, if your machine is not registering coins correctly, it could be time to replace the old coin mechanism. Dirt and grime can often cause this to happen, so keeping the area clean should make all the difference.

It is also a good idea to make the claw machine as interactive as possible. This will create a memorable experience for your customers and potentially increase the number of games they play each day.

For most locations, it is common to keep the machine clean and stocked with new prizes about once a week. This will help to keep customers coming back for more, and it will also be a good way to generate word-of-mouth marketing that will boost your profits. The most important aspect of the claw machine is to provide a fun and exciting experience while increasing the amount of traffic that you receive each week. By following a few simple tips, you can be confident that your business will see an increase in sales and profits from your new equipment.