A Boxing Machine Is A Great Addition To Any Arcade Or Venue

A Boxing Machine Is A Great Addition To Any Arcade Or Venue

boxing machine

A Boxing Machine Is A Great Addition To Any Arcade Or Venue

A boxing machine is a coin-operated punching bag game that is used in bars, nightclubs and offices. It can also be found in home arcades and is suitable for family entertainment.

These machines are popular with many boxers and can be seen on televised shows. Some of the best boxers, such as Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder have used these machines to display their strength.

Primetime Amusements

Primetime Amusements is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in new and refurbished arcade games. The firm offers a wide variety of products to clients worldwide.

Its products are marketed to entertainment centers, fun fairs, amusement parks and festivals. The company also provides a full arcade consultancy service.

The firm’s headquarters are in South Florida. Its 20,000-square-foot warehouse houses a selection of video arcade machines, simulators and game rentals.

In addition to sales, Primetime Amusements also operates a Certified Pre-Owned Program that rehabilitates older and dying games. This program allows the company to resell these games to international locations that don’t need brand-new equipment as well as smaller operations in the U.S.

One of their popular punching machines is the Boxer Prize 1. This machine rewards players with gifts when certain scores are reached. These gifts include free credits, free drinks and prizes.

Another popular product from the company is the Boxer Mask. This boxing machine is designed with a Venetian mask motive and features several LED lights to catch attention from visitors. It also comes equipped with extra free gifts to encourage players to play more.

It also comes in two different styles: the Family model and the Fight model. The family model is set on Free Play and doesn’t take money while the fight model can be programmed to take credit or debit cards.

The company has also created a PrimeTime University to share its knowledge base with struggling and new arcade air hockey game machine businesses looking to improve their operations, revenue and more. This program includes management and technician certifications for new and underperforming FEC facilities.


Boxing game machines are a great way for amusement parks to spice up the entertainment quotient and attract customers. They are also a good choice for bars and discotheques where guests can enjoy the thrill of winning cash or prizes.

While most companies make a decent boxing machine, Kriss-Sport stands out for their innovative design and quality construction. They have been in business for over 12 years, making them a reliable source of amusement technology. Their latest creation, the Multiplayer Boxer Arcade Game, is a beautiful machine that takes a traditional punching bag arcade game and turns it into a competitive video game.

It boasts an impressive 17 inch wide screen LCD display, a servo-mechanism ball release and 5.5 inch speakers. It also comes in a variety of colors including black, white and red. Its menu setting software gives operators the ability to regulate the volume, credits, power correction, time correction, best score limit and record drop-down delay.

One of the best features of this machine is its multi-language capabilities, which means that it can be operated in English, Spanish and other languages. It can also be turned into a ticket redemption game with programmable payouts, which is perfect for bars and clubs that want to make money while providing patrons with an interactive experience.

The most important thing about this machine is that it is easy to set up and operate. All parts are easily accessible and can be replaced if the need arises. In addition to this, the machine is designed to be safe for indoor and outdoor use. Its safety measures include a tempered glass window and an electrically operated safety switch.


Kalkomat is a popular name in the boxing game industry, and they have a wide variety of boxing arcade machines. They are known for their quality and competitive prices, and they have a long list of satisfied customers. They also offer a variety of options for customers to choose from, including customized machines and outdoor models.

The Boxer Dog is a free-standing punching machine that is geared towards kids, and it has a full-color dog design. It is 10 inches lower than the standard boxes to give smaller players an advantage. The machine is a great way to entertain children, and it has four boxing game modes to choose from.

Featuring a beautiful, custom-made 3D cabinet, this machine offers a unique look for any game room. Its hand-painted embossed boxer figure stands out, and it comes in a variety of colors to match any decor. It also features a large LED display that displays score and sound effects.

This model has several upgrade options, including a prize capsule dispenser, ticket dispensing option, and a dollar bill acceptor (DBA). The machine also has the ability to accept multiple DBAs or a second coin mechanism for redundancy.

Another interesting feature of this machine is that it has a futuristic aero-DYNAMIC shape, which makes it unique on the market. It also has an optional internet modem that allows you to access your machine’s statistics remotely.

Finally, this boxing machine has many language options to accommodate the needs of different audiences, including English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. It is also air hockey game machine multi-language capable, and it has the capability to add 1 or 2 Optional Bill Acceptors (DBA) and an Optional Second Coin Mechanism for redundancy.

Boxer Spider

A boxing machine is a great addition to any arcade or venue, and the Spider Boxer by Kalkomat is one of the best-selling models on the market. Available as a full upright or wall-mounted version, the game offers four different game types and can be played by up to six players.

The boxing machine is a great way to bring your customers together and make them work hard to earn points. The bright central scoreboard displays the current score and encourages players to try their luck at the machine.

With extra shock absorber and built-in sound damping, the Spider is a sure draw for your guests. Unlike most traditional boxing machines, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be mounted on an overhead rack.

Amongst its many features, the spider features a bright central scoreboard that encourages players to challenge their friends and rivals. This ensures a consistent level of competition and keeps your customers coming back for more.

It also boasts a high-tech sound system and is capable of running both on or off the power grid. You can even customise it with your own artwork!

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Boxer Dynamic

The Boxer Dynamic by Kalkomat is an upgraded next generation Boxer Cube machine with a pleasingly streamlined cabinet and a new construction that makes it even safer. It is a very eye-catching and appealing machine that can be installed in FEC’s, arcades, fairs, amusement parks, malls & other locations with lots of children!

It offers a modern electronic package that is built to last and produces amazing profits. It comes with a large LED Display Panel, and can be customized with different voice messages and song / music soundtracks! It also comes with a high quality punching bag and bladder, with padding in front of the bar for safety.

The game plays exactly like the real thing, hitting the punching bag as hard as you can to score the most points. It has 4 game modes (Power, Speed, Reflex and a Tournament mode) that drive replay value. It is a great choice for any business looking to add a modern twist to the traditional boxing game, and can be upgraded with the Optional Ticket Dispenser which turns the Boxer into a Ticket Redemption Game.

Players get a nice variety of rewards inside a 2″ Prize Capsule that can be dispensed after certain results are reached. These rewards will encourage players to play more, and will generate additional income for you!

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