A Beverage Flavour Manufacturer Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Change

A Beverage Flavour Manufacturer Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Change

beverage flavour manufacturer

A Beverage Flavour Manufacturer Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Change

The beverage industry is constantly changing, and it requires creativity, expertise and ingenuity to stay ahead. A beverage flavour manufacturer can help you do just that.

When it comes to innovation, many beverage companies are opting for exclusive and limited edition flavors. This helps them stand out from the competition and attract a younger generation of drinkers.

Kerry Group Plc.

The Kerry Group plc is a public food company. It provides taste and nutrition solutions to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. The company’s operations are separated into three primary market targets: dairy, ingredients, and consumer products.

The taste and nutrition division supplies industries with ingredient solutions, such as sweet flavours & extracts, savoury flavours & extracts, functional ingredients, food solutions, beverages, and pharma and biotechnology. The company also manufactures dairy products, which are sold worldwide.

Dairy Ireland, a division of the company, is involved in the production and marketing of dairy products. It produces milk, butter, cheese, and dairy spreads. It also produces processed meats, prepared meals, snacks, and chilled foods.

In the past decade, Kerry Group has adjusted well to a challenging business environment and profited from several acquisitions. It has reduced its reliance on commodity dairy products and is now more focused on the development of value-added products.

This strategy has fueled the growth of its beverage flavours division, which is the largest revenue-generating segment. It offers a broad range of flavours and spices for use in soft drinks, fruit juices, and other beverages.

Its taste and flavour solution portfolio includes sweet flavours & extracts, savory flavours & extracts, smoke & grill, and taste modulation. It also offers a range of nutritional ingredients, such as beta glucan, lipids & bases, prebiotics & probiotics, and proteins.

Moreover, the company’s beverage solution portfolio offers solutions for emulsifiers, texturants, flavor enhancers, and additives. beverage flavour manufacturer Its beverage solutions include liquid concentrates, mixes & powders, syrups & sauces, and toppings & creamers.

The company’s ingredients division, on the other hand, is responsible for supplying a wide range of specialty food ingredients for global processors. Its offerings include emulsifiers, texturants, coatings, plant proteins, rubs marinades and glazes, and seasonings.

Finally, the company’s agribusiness unit manages the company’s 5,700-strong contingent of raw milk suppliers. Its agribusiness division is based in Kildare, Ireland.

Kerry Group has a long history of supporting community initiatives and projects, particularly in the area of agriculture. In the past decade, it has invested in a number of research facilities, including a technology and innovation centre in Tralee. The center will support the company’s overall research, development and engineering capabilities, which are geared toward advancing its business strategies. The company’s strategy is to increase its capacity to meet the growing demands of its customers.


Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavors, food and nutrition ingredients for manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Its sales amounted to EUR 3.4 billion in the year ended March 31, 2019.

The company’s R&D activities focus on the development of new products and processes and on increasing sustainability. About 8% of its annual sales are invested in this area.

With an established network of more than 100 locations worldwide, Symrise offers customers a full range of products from one source. The company has a portfolio of over 13,000 items that include individual flavorings used in foods and beverages as well as complete solutions, which also contain functional ingredients, food coloring or microencapsulated components.

In addition, Symrise provides the necessary packaging and logistics services to support its customers’ sales strategies. The company has a large number of returnable packaging options for the transportation, storage and distribution of its products.

Using its expertise in taste development, Symrise creates innovative products that enhance the value of its clients’ products and their end consumers. Examples of these products are taste solutions that reduce the sugar or sodium content in foods, as well as moisturizing cosmetic ingredients that allow the use of less preservatives.

At the same time, Symrise enables its customers to develop new products that are more environmentally friendly or that provide an additional benefit for the consumer. This includes the development of new natural ingredients based on extraction methods, which are known as recovery flavors, for example, from oranges and lemons or berries like raspberries.

The company also has a range of sensorial and nutritional solutions that can be combined with flavorings, as well as products for the encapsulation of taste components in containers for transport or storage. These encapsulation products protect the flavor during production, transport and storage while ensuring the desired taste release.

With a team of more than 5,800 employees worldwide, Symrise is active in all five continents and is represented by more than 100 locations. Its specialized product range and numerous innovations have led to strong growth in 2003, and the company is planning for further expansion.


Takasago is a leading manufacturer of flavours, fragrances and aroma chemicals. It serves customers in a range of markets, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and fine fragrances. Its products are manufactured at its production and R&D sites in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.

Founded in 1920, Takasago manufactures synthetic aroma ingredients that are used in flavors and fragrances. The Company’s Flavors segment offers flavors that endow beverages, confectioneries, savories, baked goods, and dairy products; while the Fragrances segment provides fragrances for perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, and bath products.

The Company aims to become an international flavor and fragrance manufacturer with its global base of offices and factories in 27 countries worldwide. Its business operations include the manufacturing of synthetic aroma ingredients, sale of flavor and fragrance materials, and leasing of real estate.

Takasago has a strong track record of developing natural-based and biobased ingredients to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions. Its chiral chemistry process, which won the 2001 Nobel Prize for Chemical Sciences, enables it to create pure materials based on natural aromatic substances.

As one of the world’s largest flavor and fragrance companies, Takasago is renowned for its chemists’ ability to craft complex, high-impact flavors that communicate a brand’s unique identity. Its creative team is guided by Shibui aesthetics, a minimalist design philosophy that seeks to create simple formulas with fewer ingredients that are more effective in delivering the desired impact.

This philosophy is reflected in the company’s VIVID(r) flavors, which are made with a unique proprietary process that captures the natural fragrance of fruits and vegetables using state-of-the-art technologies. Using a combination of proprietary chiral chemistry and the expertise of its flavor chemists, VIVID(r) flavors are created with the aim of being true to nature.

These ‘virtual’ aromas can be combined with other ingredients beverage flavour manufacturer to create complex and exciting flavor profiles. The resulting ‘virtual’ blends can be applied to all types of beverages and desserts, including frozen desserts, yogurts, puddings, sodas, teas, and other cold or hot drinks.

The company has a facility in Shanghai and a manufacturing plant in India, which are set to serve customers across the globe with its product portfolio. Its first plant in India is expected to produce around 10,000 tonnes of products a year, and will also support the company’s expansion in China and other emerging markets.

T. Hasegawa

Hasegawa is a global flavor and fragrance manufacturer with over 110 years of experience. It is a leading supplier of custom flavors for the world’s top food and beverage brands. It has a strong belief in the power of aroma and taste to improve the way consumers perceive and enjoy their meals, snacks and beverages.

It has a portfolio of products and services that includes flavors, fragrances and flavorings, food ingredients, seasonings, processed fruit products, natural pigments, natural colors, and specialized additives. The Company operates through three geographic segments: Japan, North America and Asia.

The Japan segment sells a wide range of products, including essence, food oil flavors, food powder flavors, processed fruit products and seasonings. It also sells fragrances and perfumes used in a variety of food and beverage applications, such as beverages, confectionery, frozen desserts, chewing gum and animal feed.

In addition to its Japan-based business, the Company operates a United States operation (THUSA), which was established in California in 1978. THUSA has a large manufacturing facility in Los Angeles with research and development laboratories, a large-scale production plant and administrative offices.

This operation serves a wide range of customers in the United States. It has a team of highly experienced, professional flavor experts who are dedicated to bringing customized flavor solutions to the market.

THUSA was established to meet the growing demand for T. Hasegawa’s flavors in the US and to support its international customer base. It has a diverse and talented staff of over 300 professionals in the United States.

Its product offerings include a variety of sweet, salty and savory flavors for foods and beverages. It also produces fragrances, seasonings and other specialized additives.

The company’s USA headquarters are located in Cerritos, California with additional offices in Princeton, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois.

THUSA has a long tradition of serving its global, national and regional customers through innovation, quality and legendary service. Its expertise in developing and enhancing custom flavors and fragrances allows it to build product flavor to unparalleled standards.